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Submitted by admin on October 20, 2013 - 2:51pm

On behalf of the World Bank, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Innovation Policy Platform!  The IPP is a joint initiative between the World Bank Group and the OECD.

In the future, we hope this blog will be a venue for cutting edge knowledge and discussion on innovation policy as well as focal point for dissemination of global best practice in developing innovation ecosystems. So I hope you will indulge a first post that sets a context for the platform. As we launch the Platform, I would like to share three very important thoughts in this first blog post.

First, we view the IPP as a critical tool to the World Bank, the OECD, and our partners and clients in supporting innovation to promote growth and prosperity. Innovation policy is a cross-cutting and cross-sector area which has tremendous potential for increasing jobs, reducing inequalities and contributing to sustained and inclusive growth in both low and middle-income countries. These countries have recognized the opportunity and are rapidly increasing demand for knowledge and expertise on innovation policy, particularly best practices on innovation systems and programs. They are seeking actionable knowledge – what we call the “how to” of innovation policy, which helps them prioritize programs, implement reforms, design locally appropriate interventions, and adopt robust results frameworks that together make their innovation systems function efficiently and effectively. The IPP is a major instrument in achieving these needs. It leverages not only the Bank’s operational experience, but also OECD countries’ extensive knowledge and practical experience, helping policy makers learn about the tools and approaches that have been applied in various country contexts around the world.

Second, the World Bank aims to bring tangible, on-the-ground experience to the IPP. Our experience with Innovation Policy is rooted in our work with client countries. We have provided financing and technical assistance to develop the innovation ecosystems in client countries where market failures have been substantial. These hands-on approaches, field-level experiences, and insights, are a critical component of the IPP, making it a valuable capacity building tool for innovation policy practitioners.

Third, we must recognize that the IPP could not have been possible without a strong and collaborative partnership with the OECD. Collectively, OECD members have addressed just about every issue, which our client countries face today. They have the knowledge base that can assist these countries develop their own approaches to these challenges. It is only natural that the World Bank Group would partner with the OECD to leverage our respective strengths and work together to create a one-stop-knowledge-shop in the IPP.

We expect the IPP to play an important role in the development story of all countries and their future innovation policies, and invite you to use this platform as you grapple with the challenges of innovation policy. We invite you to contribute, share and engage with each other.

In due course, the site will move out of Beta version and will evolve with your feedback and comments. Additional features and content will also be added.

We look forward to this journey with you.

Posted by Gerardo Corrochano
Director, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Global Practice
The World Bank Group