DSIP initiatives in Greece


Year: 1996
Owner: National Documentation Centre
Status: operational
Types of data: statistical data (RDI indicators, microdata Business Intelligence systems), registries (researchers, research organisations, R&D performing enterprises, research infrastructures, PhD holders, bibliometrics, R&D projects), catalogues (e-journals,e-books, e-proceedings, Open Bibliographic Data), content (cultural, educational, scientific)
- to deliver official RDI statistics coupled with high quality data analysis,
- to foster further research on the field,
- to manage and facilitate research information,
- to support evidence based policy,
- to analyze scientific and technological trends,
- to create and maintain unified RDI registries,
- to foster international collaboration and linkages,
- to assess and benchmark domestic and regional research activities,
- to provide SaaS repository services for managing cultural and research data for domestic institutions,
- to ensure data protection, long-term availability and access


Link: National Information System for Research and Technology – EPSET (NISRT)

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