Science and technology performance and linkages (Innovation in Southeast Asia)

Measuring countries' innovation performance and linkages is notoriously difficult, and even more so for non-OECD countries where much data is scarce and where traditional indicators, such as R and D expenditures, are perhaps less relevant. Acknowledging these limits, this chapter presents such indicators, where data is available, to assess the science and technology performance of Southeast Asian countries and the knowledge links between them and with other countries outside the region. A first section compares patterns of R and D expenditures and funding and R and D personnel across the region and beyond -essentially R and D inputs and capabilities. This is followed by a discussion of scientific and technological outputs across the region, in the form of publication and patent data and the impacts and specialisation patterns these suggest. A final section covers international linkages and knowledge flows -which are especially significant in catching-up contexts- specifically in the form of scientific collaboration, co-inventions, and technology flows.
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What Countries are Doing