System innovation and transition processes in Russian technology platforms (Russia)

The case study on Russian technology platforms focused on the example of medicine for the future. The governance structure is coordinated by a general assembly, a steering committee and S&T councils. Together with universities and research organizations, they try to find solutions to gaps in specific healthcare technologies and to fight socially important diseases. Since 2012, the number of organisations and businesses involved in the technology platform has increased greatly. The concept of system innovation is not yet practiced in Russia, but there is consensus as to its different dimensions. Key barriers to date are a lack of infrastructure, PPP initiatives and funding, as well as non-transparent public procurement in medicine. There is also a risk of rent seeking of the most active members within the TMPF. At the moment there is no evidence that innovation policies impede technology platform development. The main indicator used is R&D funding which makes the development of further quantitative and qualitative indicators desirable.
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