• This publication addresses the role of national intellectual property (IP) systems in the socio-economic development of emerging countries, notably through their impact on innovation. It presents a framework that identifies the key mechanisms that enable IP systems to support emerging countries’ innovation and development objectives. It also presents country studies on Colombia’s and Indonesia’s IP systems.

  • The OECD and World Bank have launched an online repository of reports and statistics aimed at supporting science, technology and innovation policymaking. Michael Keenan explains why, and outlines what users can expect to find.

  • There are more and more entrepreneurs in Latin America, but a lack of innovation means that their businesses are growing slower than in other regions. A new report explores the reasons why.

  • The Western Balkans Regional Research and Development (R&D) Strategy for Innovation was adopted in Zagreb by the ministers of science from the region during the ministerial meeting on regional R&D. For the first time, to jointly improve the quality of research and innovation, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia collaborated to develop a Western Balkans Regional Research and Development (R&D) Strategy for Innovation. This document will serve as a framework for a collective effort to recommend policy and institutional reforms, and promote the Western Balkans’ most urgent priority of increasing innovation, economic growth, and prosperity.