NESTI Mandate

Aims and Scope

The Working Party of National Experts on Science and Technology Indicators (NESTI) will monitor, supervise, direct and co-ordinate statistical work on science, technology and innovation (STI), contributing to the development of indicators and quantitative analyses needed to meet the requirements and priorities of the Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP).

Issues and Activities

In particular, NESTI will:

• Ensure the continued improvement of the methodologies for the collection of internationally comparable data for measuring the input, output, diffusion and impact of science, technology and innovation (including linkages to economic growth) as laid down in the series of manuals produced by NESTI; This includes developing and maintaining manuals and standards for measurement in the areas of research and development, human resources, innovation, patents, scientometrics and other related topics.

• Encourage the use of these methodologies in Members and Partners.

• Ensure the timely availability of internationally comparable data and indicators on science, technology and innovation and their analysis, as well as the further development of data collection and dissemination systems for new indicators.

• Assist in developing and interpreting statistical indicators which aid formulation and evaluation of science, technology and innovation policies. This work should be undertaken in the light of policy priorities expressed by the CSTP.

• As required, pursue any other work needed to assist the CSTP or its subsidiary bodies in the development of empirical, quantitative analyses of science and innovation systems, public support for research, enabling technologies, the role of human capital and knowledge flows, the international mobility of researchers, the globalisation of research and innovation efforts, the evaluation and impact assessment of STI policies and, more generally, on understanding the contribution of science, technology and innovation to economic growth and societal well-being.


NESTI will promote efficient use of resources by seeking opportunities to work in collaboration with relevant bodies of the OECD and other international organisations, as well as with competent and renowned expert groups and STI stakeholders with similar interests. NESTI will also provide technical expertise to other OECD bodies on STI indicators.

NESTI will co-operate, in particular, with other OECD committees and working parties on dealing with related statistical issues connecting industry, science and technology, information economy, the bioeconomy and human resources. For example, it will work with these bodies to co-ordinate the development of a coherent set of science, technology and innovation indicators across the OECD, engaging with relevant expert communities.

Finally, NESTI will act as a clearing house through which Member and Partner countries can, on the basis of mutual interest, exchange information and experience on methods of collection, compilation, analysis and presentation of data and indicators on science, technology and innovation.

The mandate of NESTI shall come into force on 1 January 2015 and remain in force until 31 December 2019, unless the CSTP decides otherwise.